Favourite To-Read Italy Books

With Tabby back out in Italy and nearly 6 months since my visit (my first ever!), it’s giving me the ‘missing Italy’ feels! So what does a book lover do to experience things when they’re not there? – read all about it instead! Here’s my to-read list for books based in and around the Umbria/TuscanContinue reading “Favourite To-Read Italy Books”

Your perfect Italian Summer…

As travel restrictions lift and the Summer draws close, people are starting to think about their forthcoming holiday plans. Obviously we’re all for encouraging people to experience the Italian ‘dolce vita’ and it really is a country that has a huge offering of styles of holiday. Here’s an idea of just some of types ofContinue reading “Your perfect Italian Summer…”

From Peasant Roots to Rich Tastes

Italy is synonymous for its incredible food and drink. From the robust, hearty meals of the north through to the light and summery offerings of the south, there is a culinary sensation to delight each one of your senses.

Read the blog to find out more of what Umbria has to offer in the food department.

“More Umbria than Cumbria”

It was dubbed as being “more Umbria than Cumbria” so I had to pay it a visit really didn’t I? It’s definitely frustrating not being able to get to Umbria right now due to travel restrictions, but there really are some gems of places to visit local here in England. Today I found one ofContinue reading ““More Umbria than Cumbria””