Feed your mind!

Quick, easy, feeds your mind and super tasty: Panzanella; a Tuscan style tomato and bread salad. It’s no secret that I love all things Italian, all things food and all things easy, so a recipe that combines all three is a win for me! I love Panzanella as it’s super tasty, super simple and isContinue reading “Feed your mind!”

Your perfect Italian Summer…

As travel restrictions lift and the Summer draws close, people are starting to think about their forthcoming holiday plans. Obviously we’re all for encouraging people to experience the Italian ‘dolce vita’ and it really is a country that has a huge offering of styles of holiday. Here’s an idea of just some of types ofContinue reading “Your perfect Italian Summer…”

“More Umbria than Cumbria”

It was dubbed as being “more Umbria than Cumbria” so I had to pay it a visit really didn’t I? It’s definitely frustrating not being able to get to Umbria right now due to travel restrictions, but there really are some gems of places to visit local here in England. Today I found one ofContinue reading ““More Umbria than Cumbria””