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Quick, easy, feeds your mind and super tasty: Panzanella; a Tuscan style tomato and bread salad.

It’s no secret that I love all things Italian, all things food and all things easy, so a recipe that combines all three is a win for me!

I love Panzanella as it’s super tasty, super simple and is a real healthy comfort food.
My recipe isn’t a traditional Panzanella recipe but my twist on it, though that’s what cooking should be about; a little creativity and making things work for you so feel free to mix this recipe up a bit.

Here’s what you will need…
🍅 250g fresh tomatoes (I love SanMarzano, Pomodoro or Heritage tomatoes)
🥒 50g cucumber
🥑 ½ an avocado (optional)
🧅 ½ an onion (optional)
🍞 100g bread (sourdough works really well or slightly stale bread is great – no need to waste that end of a loaf!)
🫒 50ml Extra Virgin olive oil
👉 25ml balsamic vinegar
🌶️ ½ tsp Chilli flakes
🍃 Handful of basil leaves (chopped)

Step 1
Toast your bread and leave to cool before cutting into small cubes.
Step 2
Chop your tomatoes, cucumber, onion and avocado into similar sizes to your toasted bread pieces.
Step 3
Place the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, chilli flakes, touch of salt and pepper and fresh basil leaves into a bowl and mix together. Add in the toasted bread, tomatoes, cucumber, onions and avocado and mix well.
Step 4
Set aside for about 15 minutes to allow to come to room temperature and all the juices to be absorbed into the bread.

Enjoy for a tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner! But…..before you tuck in, share a picture with us on socials by tagging @thegreenheartofhappiness

Much love, Tabby! xx

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