The Umbrian Wine Experience

I’m not afraid to say that I do like a really good glass of wine, and by that I don’t mean that I need lots of it (though, in fairness a copious amount has been drunk in my lifetime!) I mean I like a really good quality wine – yes, I’ve become a bit of a wine snob!

Whether it’s a very robust red, a light and crisp white or a nice dry sparkling, I’m a quality over quantity girl these days.

Now, Italy is well-known for producing some amazing wines; Chianti, Barolo, Pinot Grigio are all familiar names and regions such as Tuscany,  Piedemont and Veneto are renowned for their offerings. But did you know that Umbria is fast becoming one of the most popular wine regions with grapes such as Grechetto and Sangiovese topping the popularity charts?

I’m actually  a huge fan of Umbrian wine and it’s not just for the taste but for the experience, and we are all about the experience here.

On my recent trips to Umbria I have been taking in the whole wine experience around the region with visits to some amazing vineyards. In Umbria, the green heart of Italy, you can take in the beauty of the region and its lush and rich green rolling hills and fields full of vines and olive trees which add to the whole sensation before you even taste the wine.

When you visit  a vineyard in this region the winemakers take time to explain the culture and history behind their wine before sharing with you fairly generous tasting samples (this isn’t one for a driving day!) often accompanied with samples of local olive oil, bread and cheeses or salamis. It is an experience for all the senses and something I’d thoroughly recommend people do when they visit the region.

Wine tourism is becoming big in Umbria with Vigneti Aperti events when vineyards open themselves up for lots of visitors on certain dates each year with a relaxed but fun vibe and you can walk around the vines and enjoy drinking the wine and partaking in local food delicacies in a picnic style fashion. Some vineyards even host their own series of regular events like the Picnicco at Madrevite Vineyard; a Summer sunset event held at weekends where people gather on the hill top in the vineyard to drink wine and partake in food from local street food vendors as the sun sets over the view of Lake Chiusi. Simply magical and stunning.

Wine in Umbria isn’t just about the drink itself – it’s about the whole experience that engages all the senses. It is about sentire – which means to feel and that’s why we love it.

Whether it’s a pop in to buy a few bottles or a day out tasting and learning about the stories of the grapes and growers, a visit to a vineyard in Umbria is top of my list.

Three of my favourite vineyards in Umbria are:

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Much love, Tabby x

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