Is a boutique elopement wedding for you?

Sit back, relax, close your eyes and imagine yourself in one of these locations;

‘The sun beaming down on you, wiggling your toes in the warm lake water, listening to the waves lapping the shore close by’

‘Wandering through a vineyard with an amazing aroma, surrounded by the warm sunshine. You’re about to sit down to enjoy some good food and good wine’

Or if you’re not from the UK (where we are), why not imagine the following;

‘A rustic country barn, blankets, cosy lighting and open fires on a chilly evening’

Don’t they all sound amazing locations? Now imagine getting married here! Exciting! Right? Your favourite location, with your favourite person, saying those all important and meaningful vows to one another.

When you google the words ‘elopement wedding’, this is what comes up:

‘An elopement wedding is typically thought of as running away without telling friends or family, but that definition has changed over time. Now, an elopement wedding means that you are tying the knot and celebrating with just yourselves or a small gathering in a minimal, more casual fashion’

Now of course, having an elopement wedding doesn’t mean you don’t want to celebrate with your family and friends but logistics, budgets or a many number of reasons may mean that people can’t join you (or you don’t want them to!). So have another celebration once you’re home! A big party or a meal – something to celebrate with the ones you love.

So, what are the positives of eloping I hear you ask?

Well, although planning a wedding in a different country will provide you with a different type of stress, there really will be less stress than planning a wedding where you live. You have to put your trust into a wedding planner who knows that country, the best spots and the best way to plan your day – the stress will melt away as you know they’ve got it all in hand!

If you prefer not to be the centre of attention or are worried about all eyes on you when you walk down the aisle, have your first dance or during speeches, an elopement wedding is perfect for you as it can either be just you two or a very select few guests.

Everything will be one of a kind when sharing with your friends. Many couples now hold their weddings at very similar venues with very similar aesthetics, with venues set up the same way for every wedding. But an elopement weddings can give you that unique and personal touch and will make some cracking photographs!

If you’d like to find out more about planning a wedding abroad, specifically in the beautiful surroundings of Umbria in Italy, we offer this as part of our Sentire Events – we still have availability for a 2022 elopement or boutique wedding experience in Umbria with all your stress taken away for a magical start to your marriage in the green heart of happiness!

Lots of love

Keri x

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