It Really Does Exist!

When you buy a house in another country without actually viewing it in person, mainly due to COVID travel restrictions, you really are taking a gamble. It’s a little like playing roulette!

However, having bought my new happy place in December 2020 in such a way, it was a relief to find that the house really does exist!

Posto Felice is my new Italian home in the green heart of happiness that is Umbria and on Monday 2nd August 2021, I stepped foot inside for the first time! A real mixture of excitement and fear was abound as I wondered what I had undertaken!

After a 24-hour non-stop drive from the UK to Umbria, emotions were running high, but stepping foot inside felt right, even though it felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster.

The reality of this move hit me; even though it’s not a full-time move from the UK to Italy yet, it hit me that this could be my forever home and with a big task ahead in terms of renovation and feeling the reality that I’m on my own in this with no Simon by my side, there were definite instant wobbles and “what the hell have I done” moments.

Sleep was needed, even if it was on a mattressless metal bed that made my room look like a Colditz prison cell and it was 40 degrees outside with no air con! But sleep did the job… I awoke refreshed and stronger for the challenge that lay ahead…

Where to start though? As well as trying to put everything in the house in order, work out what was what, what worked and dealing with the emotions, we were bound into a five-day isolation period as required by Italian law…

This first few days was tough! Nothing for it… let’s dive straight in…

I’ll share the renovation story over a series of short blogs.

Until next time…

Much Love, Tabby x

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