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Ciao! Welcome to The Green Heart of Happiness, hosted by me, Tabby Kerwin. A blog focussed on doing what I love & loving what I do, from travel to food & wine, experiences, writing and more with a focus on wellbeing, and combined with life renovating my new home “Posta Felice” and launching our latest business ‘Sentire’ in the green heart of Italy, Umbria.

I’ll be sharing things from experiences to home renovation details all designed to inspire and help you fulfill the mantra of #createmyhappy and boost your wellbeing too.

Much Love

Tabby xxx

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The Umbrian Wine Experience

Wine tourism is becoming big in Umbria and a visit to a vineyard is one of our favourite things to experience as it encapsulates all the senses. Find out more in the blog about the Umbrian wine experience.

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Is a boutique elopement wedding for you?

Sit back, relax, close your eyes and imagine yourself in one of these locations; ‘The sun beaming down on you, wiggling your toes in the warm lake water, listening to the waves lapping the shore close by’ ‘Wandering through a vineyard with an amazing aroma, surrounded by the warm sunshine. You’re about to sit down…

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From Peasant Roots to Rich Tastes

Italy is synonymous for its incredible food and drink. From the robust, hearty meals of the north through to the light and summery offerings of the south, there is a culinary sensation to delight each one of your senses.

Read the blog to find out more of what Umbria has to offer in the food department.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Tabby. Director of Mode for… and lover of travel, experiences, food, wine, writing and all things Italy.

I developed my business in 2008 with my husband Simon who sadly died in November 2018 after a short illness, leaving me to navigate life and business without him. Sharing my grief and journey openly and honestly and using it to help and empower others and support wellbeing & mental health has been a help and now it’s time to take on the greatest challenge; fulfilling our joint plans of creating a life and business in Italy!

Thank you for joining me on this next chapter of life’s adventure.

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